The Benefits Of Having A Rain Garden

Rain gardens are typically praised for their ability to allow clean rain water to infiltrate the ground, as well as their ability to limit pollution in storm water runoff. However, there are even more benefits to having a rain garden in your yard, as listed below.


Pollution Mitigation

Having a rain garden on your property stops storm water runoff from carrying loose sediment, litter, chemical fertilizers, bacteria from pet waste, and other pollutants from running into storm drains that can lead to local water bodies and streams.


Rain gardens can truly be beautiful. By building a rain garden with native grasses and perennial flowers on your property, you can add a burst of color to your yard that your neighbors will envy.

Photo: julianomarp via Flickr

Habitat Creation

The presence of native plants in your yard provides a habitat for local butterflies, bees, and birds to flourish in. These beneficial insects and birds help to naturally eliminate pests such as mosquitoes from your yard.

Low Maintenance

Rain gardens require less maintenance and much fewer chemicals than a typical lawn does. If planted correctly, a rain garden only requires a small amount of weeding to sustain itself, which means no mowing and no spreading of fertilizers.